About this software

The name of this software is "Vereniging", which is Dutch for club or community. It has been developed as a member management software for the "German-Dutch Society", but with the idea that others should be able to use this as well. Because of this, all settings have been designed to be adaptable to the needs of different clubs.

This software has been developed by Luc Hamers and is open source software under the GNU Public License (GPL). The software is available for download from https://gitlab.com/LucHamers/vereniging. More information about this software can be found on vereniging.hamers.de. If you have any questions, please contact Luc.

Technical information
This software runs on a web server with at least PHP 7.2. It needs a database, preferably MySQL or Maria-DB and only runs on Linux host machines. It needs about 250MB of disk space. To generate serial letters, pdflatex must be installed on the host.
Development history

The numbers in the following table, e.g #19, relate to the issue number in gitlab (https://gitlab.com/LucHamers/vereniging/-/boards).

Buildnumber  Date  IssueChange
181028.12.2020(#58) As required by EU privacy regulations, it is now possible to completely remove a user from the database.
Buildnumber  Date  IssueChange
180706.12.2020(#85) Remove variable create and close dates from the membership fee transaction dates.
180606.12.2020(#84) Implemented statistics page showing an overview of the members and the finances.
180022.11.2020(#83) Added group change of direct debit settings to the finance page.
179922.11.2020(#82) Added user role treasurer between member administrator and systemadministrator.
179821.11.2020(#81) All changes on the "Edit contribution claims" page are now logged.
179721.11.2020(#80) Fixed missing translations for log messages of entity changes, e.g. when changing the membership type for a member entry.
179615.11.2020(#77) Added edit page for membership contribution claims.
179406.11.2020(#76) Added edit link to each member on the manage finances page.
179306.11.2020(#60) Added finance management module to track membership contribution claims.
178917.10.2020(#75) Entries in filters for member lists on several pages are now ordered alphabetically.
178411.10.2020(#71) Log messages for adding and removing committee memberships are now translated.
178210.10.2020(#61) Added option to store direct debit setting for a member, as well as the option to filter on this in the member list page.
178109.10.2020(#72) The list of committees and functions is now ordered alphabetically in the members club data section.
178009.10.2020(#73) Reloading the page after a long time can cause a white page to show (exception is thrown). This has been fixed.
177904.10.2020(#57) Fixed showing of "group members" when editing a members club settings without group members
177703.10.2020(#70) On setting up the site, it is now possible to define which pdf is used as serial letter background image.
176827.09.2020(#69) Fixed translation problems when adding new addresses to member when the email notifications for this use a different locale than the current user.
176727.09.2020(#68) Fixed crash on adding new addresses to member when the email notifications for this use a different locale than the current user.
175109.09.2020(#67) Added support for php 7.4, upgraded tests to use phpunit 9, moved most build tools from composer to phive.
173306.09.2020(#47) Upgraded to symfony 5, version 5.1.5. Updated all other packages as well.
Buildnumber  Date  IssueChange
173015.08.2020(#66) Improved deployment script: secured remote calls, improved user and class documentation.
171509.08.2020(#65) Added about link to the login page, to be able to view the release notes without login.
171409.08.2020(#64) Added database migration to the deployment script.
171226.07.2020(#49) Serial letter templates can now be added, edited and deleted, separated for each language.
170126.07.2020(#63) Fixed broken log outputs when changing table elements in serial letters.
170026.07.2020(#48) Fixed missing translation for "Templates" in serial letters menu.
169926.07.2020(#62) Log messages now use an html arrow symbol, which is also shown correctly in emails.
169719.07.2020(#45) Generating a preview of a serial letter is now logged.
169113.07.2020(#41) Changes in serial letters are now logged by using a diff algorithm, only showing differences instead of the entire text.
168913.07.2020(#59) Improved output of log files by aligning the columns of complex log messages.
167515.06.2020(#56) Fixed vertical and horizontal alignment problem in serial letters when using variables returning tables.
167215.06.2020(#55) Fixed problem when the text in a serial letter contained a text block identical to a variable name.
166924.05.2020(#53) Improved the change log on the about page.
166823.05.2020(#52) Fixed error message on changing the language of the current member.
166723.05.2020(#51) Fixed problem with variables in serial letters when pressing preview before auto saving.
166421.05.2020(#32) Users can now use member information as variable in serial letters.
166321.05.2020(#50) Using an underscore in a serial letters title or text broke the PDF generation process. This has now been fixed.
165207.05.2020(#46) Fixed crash when adding empty list value
165107.05.2020(#43) Fixed missing translation fields when adding new membership types.
164205.04.2020(#24) Completely refactored the unit tests
154905.04.2020(#44) When deleting the default group membership type, the flag is only added to the next membership type if this really is a group membership type.
153802.02.2020(#40) Fixed broken links in serial letters when using https or mailto links.
153003.01.2020(#37) Fixed broken excel import template.
152901.01.2020(#36) Adding and removing members from member groups is now logged properly.
152831.12.2019(#34) Adding members to groups with more than 3 members now adds members to all groups.
152731.12.2019(#35) Adding at least one group member now changes the membership type to a group type.
151827.12.2019(#14) Changing to a group membership type is now logged for al group members.
150926.12.2019(#29) Fixed autosave problems when editing serial letters (not saving when pasting or formatting texts).
150823.12.2019(#31) Fixed problems when entering non-ascii characters in company form fields.
149824.11.2019(#28) Fixed links being shown on club structure page without the user having the rights to click on these links.
149724.11.2019(#30) Fixed spaceless deprecation.
149213.10.2019 Renamed favicon to favicon.ico.dist so it isn't overwritten when using a deployment script.
Buildnumber  Date  IssueChange
149013.10.2019(#12) Released version 0.2.0: upgraded to Symfony 4.3, almost completely rewriting most of the code.
131505.07.2019(#23) Fixed bug which created wrong user name when the name parts start or end with a space.
130310.06.2019(#5) Serial letters are now saved automatically after changing it.
129908.06.2019(#22) Added diverse and none to gender selection on new member page.
129808.06.2019(#21) Editing list values when the users language is not English
129708.06.2019(#10) Phone number and address type dropdowns are now in the correct order in other languages when editing contact data.
129506.06.2019(#20) Fixed installer security risks.
129306.06.2019(#19) When the user changes to a password which is not OK
Buildnumber  Date  IssueChange
129202.06.2019 Added a simple installer.
128501.06.2019(#17) Password validation messages were not translated.
128130.05.2019(#11) Committee and functions can now also be translated on the manage committees page.
127428.05.2019(#13) Fixed bug which prevented the use of https server address for mailman lists.
126723.05.2019(#1) Added select by no email in group to member list page.
126523.05.2019(#9) Improved "dear..." in serial letters when using gender none.
126423.05.2019(#9) Add diverse and none to members gender.
126320.05.2019(#8) Removed line break after zip in serial letter addresses.
126220.05.2019(#7) An empty first name is now replaced by mr. or ms. in serial letters.
126018.05.2019 Fixed error message when creating a new serial letter.
125918.05.2019 Moved new serial letter button the top of the page.
125301.05.2019 Changed member selection on password page to the extended member list selection.
125101.05.2019 Changed member selection on user rights page to the extended member list selection.
124426.04.2019 Added filter by membership end requested to member lists page.
124226.04.2019 Added bulk status change on the member lists page.
122024.04.2019 Added translation handling to membership type administration.
121223.04.2019 Completely rewrote manage lists section.
117016.04.2019 Improved mailing list controller by showing the mailman management URL.
116916.04.2019 Mailing list administration page now shows the subscribers for each list.
116715.04.2019 Added logging for all serial letter actions.
115814.04.2019 Fixed Excel import problem when changing the temp directory in the project settings.
115731.03.2019 Fixed pdf generation problem in the production environment.
115624.03.2019 Fixed bug
115403.03.2019 Added user roles for signing and editing serial letters.
115203.03.2019 Fixed bug where the user name was not lowercase when first or last name started with a non-ascii character.
115103.03.2019 Fixed bug where members who signed previous serial letters were not shown in the edit form
115003.03.2019 Mailinglists are now ordered alphabetically in all views.
114802.03.2019 Fixed several missing translations in serial letters.
114601.03.2019 Fixed problem with ampersands in company names during import from Excel.
114401.03.2019 Improved speed of member list page.
114124.02.2019 The site name is now translated on all pages and in emails.
113924.02.2019 Added about link to bottom of page and moved dev history here.
113524.02.2019 New members are now logged with the change type "member added".
113418.02.2019 Fixed translator exceptions in the prod environment.
112624.01.2019 Email notifications are now send in the language of the user who receives it.
112220.01.2019 Bugfix: Logfile data entries are now correctly ordered even when they use capitals.
112020.01.2019 Bugfix: the log message for the creation of a new member is now linked to this member.
111820.01.2019 Bugfix: new members now get a membership number of the membership type has one.
111620.01.2019 Log messages are now translated when they are shown, so they now show up in the language of the current user rather than in the language of the user who did the change action.
105215.12.2018 Lists ordered by lastname now show lastname as first column (member lists
105115.12.2018 Bugfix: changing the language of other members no longer changes the current gui language.
104912.12.2018 Improved several texts in the password email.
104425.11.2018 Fixed missing translations in table head when editing addresses.
104325.11.2018 Fixed bug showing form remains when there are no phone numbers.
104025.11.2018 Prevented several code injection risks on the member data page.
103823.11.2018 Fixed error message when changing the preferred language.
103523.11.2018 New members now receive the default user role.
103418.11.2018 Checking new passwords for unique characters now works correctly for multi-byte characters.
103117.11.2018 Changed email addresses are now validated before submission.
103014.11.2018 When a new password is send to the member
102912.11.2018 A user is automatically logged off when he is idle for 30 minutes.
102407.11.2018 Added buildnumber to bottom of each page.